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While most bariatric procedures have good long term results, sometimes it is necessary to consider revisional surgery for a variety of reasons.


While the vast majority of gastric banding procedures are very successful, there is always an inherent risk of band failure, requiring the band to be removed. This can be due to:

  •          Reflux and heartburn
  •          Frequent vomiting
  •          Food intolerance
  •          Weight regain
  •          Device failure such as leaking port or tubing
  •          Band erosion

Safe removal of a Gastric Band

Removal is simply performed using keyhole surgery and only involves an overnight stay in hospital. The band removed altogether along with the tubing and the injection port that lies underneath the skin and the stomach returns to function normally.

Can another surgical weight loss method be implemented once the band is removed?

Yes, it is possible to explore sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass after gastric band removal, once the removal surgery scar heals and softens (at least three months). 


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