Many people are now finding weight loss surgery a safe and effective solution. We take the mystery out of the process so that you can be confident of making the right choice.

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Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

More Energy

Typical weight loss with surgery could be substantial. Shedding the excess weight may increase your energy to enjoy life*

No More Dieting

Dieting may no longer be required following weight loss. *

You eat a diet high in protein, vegetable, and low fat with minimal carbohydrate. You eat normally except much smaller portions.

Diabetes Control

There is a chance if you are a type 2 diabetic with weight loss surgery you may reduce your diabetic medications or stop taking it with your doctor’s supervision.*

Improvement in Blood Pressure

Following your procedure you may notice a gradual reduction in your blood pressure.*

Improvement in back pain and sleep apnoea

Less weight to carry around means less pressure. After the surgery, you may feel improvement in back pain and you may snore less at night.*


Less Medications

Improvement in control of medical conditions may lessens medications in the long term and could improve savings on medical bills.*

Other Beneficial Effects

Other less well know benefits of weight loss surgery could be improvement in certain cancers, fertility, and inflammatory conditions.

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