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How to pay for your surgery


Private health fund cover is usually an effective way to cover the costs of your surgery, as many funds will support the cost of Bariatric Surgery and hospital services. If you are in a health fund, ask them to clarify the extent of your coverage. If you are not in a health fund, it is advisable to join one and investigate what coverage they offer for weight loss surgery and what waiting times there may be before coverage starts.

When enquiring with the health funds it is important to quote the item number for the procedure. The relevant item numbers to be aware of are:

• gastric band – 31569

• gastric sleeve – 31575

• gastric bypass – 31572

There is an out-of-pocket cost totally $4000-5000 depending on the procedure, less for the sleeve and more for the bypass and revisional procedures. Our out-of-pocket cost covers anaesthetic and assistant fees, unlimited post-operative visits, ongoing phone and email supports. 

Could you use your Super Fund?

If you are not in a health fund, another potential option is to access some of your superannuation to fund your surgery. Bariatric surgery can be classed as a valid ‘condition of release’, allowing you to potentially gain access to some of your super money.

To apply for Early Release of Superannuation on Compassionate Grounds, there are specific instructions and forms to complete. 

Contact our office on 02 9525 5322 or email us surgerykogarah@gmail.com and we can provide further guidance on how to use this option.



If you want to explore other options for payment of surgery costs then feel free to contact us on 02 9525 5322 and we will be happy to discuss how payment can best be structured to make surgery possible for you.

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